Friday, May 1, 2009

Quickbooks Accounting Software Philippines

e-Methods for Business Management Corp. was organized in October 1, 2002. e-MBM is headed by Garth Noel Tolentino as Chairman of the Board and CEO. Collectively, the members of the Board of Directors, the Managing Officers and its staff contribute a total of 55 years experience in providing business solutions for thousands of small and medium businesses. Solutions such as managing receivables and payables, just in time inventory systems, analysis of an entity’s business performance, tracking down marketing data, customer trends and customer credit performance for effective marketing strategy.

Cristina L. Oreta takes charge as President and COO; her critical line of responsibility is in the area of Business Development and Customer Relations Management. Victor F. Sollorano fills the role as Vice President and Treasurer. Apart from managing e-MBM’s financial resources, he is in-charge of Customer Technical Training and Support.

Since October 1, 2002, e-MBM has taken charge of the marketing of Intuit’s key products such as Quicken and Quickbooks in the Philippines. e-MBM has been designated by Intuit as key Partner and Master Reseller in the Philippines for Quicken and Quickbooks. As of today, e-MBM serves 5,000 small and medium businesses who are all satisfied Quickbooks clients.

Modern Business Methods, Inc. relinquished the marketing of Intuit products in August of 2002 and agreed to hand it over to Garth Noel Tolentino within a 3 month transition period beginning September 2002. This transition period allowed Garth Noel Tolentino and his partners to organize and incorporate e-MBM and to formally takeover the marketing of Intuit’s products by the end of December 2002.

The founders of e-MBM were the same people who developed the market for Quicken and Quickbooks since 1993.

Services we offer:

• On site training
Online Technical Support

Consultation Visit
Implementation Services

• Programming Services
Customizing programs based on client’s requirements

Creation of bridge software for seamless transaction of files

Currently, e-Methods for Business Management, Inc. has forged a stategic partnership with Yekyio Technologies, Inc.

This partnership has produced Quicknet Business Suite with some of the following distinct capabilities:

• Quicknet Business Suite is a Web-Based Enterprise Accounting
Runs on Windows, Linux and Apple MAC

Designed for developed companies with increasing subsidiaries
Provides access to unlimited users

• Available anywhere globally through the internet
Controls inventory in all warehouses in any location

Records transactions in any currency of any country

Provides for a comprehensive consignment module

On the basis of our collective experience, e-Methods for Business Management recognized early on, that having introduced a world standard accounting solution such as Quickbooks, most client companies can quickly outgrow Quickbooks and will require a more comprehensive set of solutions that is beyond the scope of an excellent small business solution such as Quickbooks.

Hence, the strategic partnership between e-Methods for Business Managment, Inc and Yekyio Technologies, Inc. and the recognition of the growing needs of business clients in various businesses encouraged us to develop this versatile business solution, Quicknet Business Suite.
Tel.No. 738-5896; 738-5914

Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Choose QuickBooks?

QuickBooks software helps you manage your business finances quickly, easily & accurately - with familiar forms, a built-in Audit Trail and step-by-step guidance when you need it

Plus: access a full set of solutions to support your QuickBooks software and help your business succeed.

3 simple-to-use products
to choose from
Not all accounting software is right for all businesses. That's why QuickBooks offers 3 different products to suit the varied needs of small businesses - and to make it easy to upgrade as you grow. Compare or find the QuickBooks that works for you:

SimpleStart: Just the essentials - for new & home-based businesses

Pro: Financial-management tools for growing businesses

Premier: Advanced accounting & business planning tools
Accurate & easy - no accounting
knowledge required
QuickBooks uses familiar forms - not complex journals - to make it easier for you to switch from manual book-keeping to QuickBooks. And because QuickBooks does the calculations for you & reduces data-entry, you can trust that your books are accurate.

Always-on Audit Trail helps you find, correct & prevent errors

Step-by-step approach walks you through critical tasks - including set-up

30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee1
New & improved features
From customisable forms & lists to the new Google DesktopTM search, QuickBooks 2008 includes enhanced features to simplify your every-day accounting tasks.

More tools to help you manage
your finances
Keep your business on track with improved features in QuickBooks Pro and accountant-specific tools in QuickBooks Premier.

Customisable Chart of Accounts: Track & organise all your accounts so you can make more informed business & financial decisions

Always-on Audit Trail: See who has accessed your files & what changes they've made - then correct any errors

User access controls: Set permissions levels and password-protect closing dates
Saves you time & money on Payroll
Easy-to-use & HMRC-accredited, QuickBooks Payroll lets you pay your employees in 4 simple steps. Add Payroll service to Pro or Premier today - and do your payroll in-house with confidence.

Support when you need it
Have a question? QuickBooks has free & subscription-based support - so you're only a click or a call away from the answers you need.

Free support for the first 30 days after product registration

In-product and online tutorials & help screens

Subscription-based support plans (fees apply)

Why Use An Accounting Software?

5 reasons to manage your bookkeeping with financial management software

Are you spending time on bookkeeping tasks? If trying to grow your business or help ensure its continued success, spending time on accounting tasks is not the best use of your time. Your business needs you.

The right financial management software can help. Discover why, if you're using manual methods to manage your bookkeeping, switching to software may make all the difference.
It saves you time and helps you work faster
Bookkeeping isn't as simple as punching in numbers. There are legislative updates to consider, changes to forms, VAT requirements, complex calculations - and more.

But when you use financial management software, you spend less time on accounting details. Why? Because your software does that work for you - with automatic updates as new information becomes available.

It's more accurate, with bookkeeping features that reduce errors
Managing your business's finances with pencil & paper or spreadsheets can lead to errors - from entering data incorrectly to misplacing payments.

Financial management software solutions built for small businesses like yours include features that identify errors for you. And because you're inputting data less when you use financial management software, you don't have to worry about double-entries, typos or other bookkeeping mistakes.

It's easier to use & understand
Think financial management software is complicated? Worried about installation, learning a difficult programme or a bookkeeping task going wrong and being unable to fix it? It doesn't have to be that way.

The right financial management software will include all the tools you need - plus easy set-up, a familiar look and feel and the ability to make corrections if you need to. Reduce your data entry, track payments, create bookkeeping reports and see your bottom line at a glance - easily.

With QuickBooks, there's no bookkeeping experience needed.
It shows you exactly how your business is doing
Great reports can help you stay on top of your business's performance.

With pencil & paper or spreadsheets, generating bookkeeping reports is often a long & complicated process: Spend time deciding what reports you need. Search for related data. Manually create each report - including data entry, calculations & formatting. And repeat the whole process every time you need a new bookkeeping report.

Financial management software simplifies reporting. Just choose a report template, customise it as you see fit - and your software does the rest.

It makes payroll easy
Calculating payroll by hand for one person can be time-consuming - but when you have multiple employees to pay, the task of calculating deductions and writing each cheque and pay slip by hand adds up.

Financial management software with payroll functions makes paying employees easier. That's because it includes automatic legislative updates, built-in accuracy-checkers, simplified tools to print or distribute cheques - and even features to make tax time easier.

QuickBooks Payroll lets you take minutes - not hours - to pay your employees.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quickbooks Commercial

Quickbooks Overview


Edison D. Ong
Info Tech'
Manila Bulletin Online

The Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) has linked up with local Quickbooks distributor e-Methods for Business Management, Inc. (e-MBM) for its customized accounting requirements.

A press release furnished Infotech reported, "PICPA president David L. Balangue signed a three-year agreement with eMBM chairman and CEO Garth Noel Tolentino allowing e-MBM to provide QuickBooks products, staff training, technical support and provisions for updates in implementing complete and functioning accounting systems for PICPA using QuickBooks.

Balangue acknowledged e-MBM for its "generous donation and excellent assistance" to PICPA. The accredited professional organization of certified public accountants in the country received 10 user licenses of QuickBooks to upgrade its accounting system, including creation of customized reports, documentation and integration.

Developed by Intuit, a leader in financial software products, QuickBooks targets financial professionals and SMEs. Since 1993, e-MBM has penetrated the SME market with its complete line of Intuit financial software products, including Quicken and Customer Manager.

As an SME business solutions provider, e-MBM has 3,000 clients using QuickBooks to manage receivables and payables and just-in-time inventory, analyze business performance, track down marketing data and evaluate customer trends and customer credit performance for effective marketing strategy.